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· brands and logotypes

· corporate image

· booklets, catalogues, leaflets and flyers

· 3D elaborations and illustrations

· packagings


marketing and communication

· multichannel communication and marketing projects

· advertising

· media planning 

· public Relations 

· press Office 


trade and fairs services, visuals

· communication and graphic services for stands

· exhibitions layout, displays

· set design

· seasonal visuals

· visuals for events

· trade e POP materials

· mistery shopping

· marketing researches



· commercial and artistic events 

· openings

· exhibitions

· settings for educational, disseminative and interactive projects

· conferences

· round tables moderations

· sponsorship researc


· design, development and management of web portals and sites

· multimedia catalogues and presentations

· corporate and products video 


web 2.0 and web 3.0

· web 2.0

Marketing strategies and Web 2.0 tools

All these online applications permit a marked level of
interaction between the web site and its users (social
media and social networks, blog, forum, chat, wiki,
flickr, youtube, facebook, myspace, twitter, google+,
linkedin, wordpress, foursquare, pinterest and so on),
web sites promotion with SEO activities (Search En-
gine Optimization) and SEM acitivties (Search Engine
Marketing) as Web marketing, Web reputation,
Article marketing.

· wed 3.0

Mobile e geolocalization



· shootings

· post-production and photo editing 

· stylist/hair-stylist/make-up artist

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